‘One of the best’

Romenesko reader John Hubbell of Old Bridge Media writes: “This is one of the best political headlines I’ve seen in years. Anyone who can a get ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ reference into this campaign is 20 times the writer I’ll ever be. Had to point this out.”

UPDATE: Star night city editor Bill Edwards deserves credit for this, says editor Bob Davis. “Yellow-hammered” was considered — that’s what Alabama’s often called — but editors figured that many readers wouldn’t get it. “Rick-rolled” was also suggested, but then Edwards told colleagues watching election results in the newsroom: “I’ve got it! ‘Driving Mitt Crazy.'”



  1. ac said:

    Catchy, but it fails the test for puns; that they must work in all directions. “Driving Miss Daisy” has no relevance to the campaign (and took place in Georgia!) I’d have gone with “Rick-rolled” …

  2. Will said:

    The headline still makes sense if you don’t get the reference to the 23-year-old movie.

  3. fermata said:

    what ac said — it’s a clever play on words but doesn’t have any relevance to the topic. I don’t think this is anything to get excited about.

  4. Ed Murrieta said:

    AC: You’re wrong, pal. That’s a great headline. Res ipsa loquitor.

  5. Julie said:

    I actually wouldn’t have gtten it if you hadn’t explained it.

  6. Judy Martin - Orlando said:

    Priceless!! Absolutely priceless – I think it is perfect – short and right on point. Congrats on the best headline in this campaign so far!!

  7. Jake said:

    I suspect most newspaper readers would get this reference long before they got ‘rick-rolled.’

    Young copy desk folks need to be aware of their paper’s demographics.