Daily Archives: March 19, 2012

Some highlights in the just-released Pew Research State of the News Media 2012:
* Five technology companies accounted for 68% of all online ad revenue, and that list doesn’t include Amazon and Apple, which get most of their dollars from transactions, downloads and devices. By 2015, Facebook is expected to account for one out of every five digital display ads sold.
* The problems of newspapers became more acute in 2011 as print circulation and ad revenues continued to decline. In 2011, losses in print advertising dollars outpaced gains in digital revenue by a factor of roughly 10 to 1.
* The newspaper industry has shrunk 43% since 2000.
* The news industry isn’t much closer to a new revenue model than a year earlier and has lost more ground to rivals in the technology industry.

* State of the News Media overview || Key findings

* C-SPAN founder to step down as chief executive. (New York Times)
* “Journalism is essentially built on trust,” Jayson Blair says when David Carr asks for comment on Mike Daisey. (New York Times)
* Berkeley officials hire attorneys to investigate police chief’s decision to go to reporter’s home at 12:45 a.m. (San Jose Mercury News)
* Paul Farhi on why radio talkers have to be more careful these days. (Washington Post)
* Mike Huckabee’s new radio show moves in on Limbaugh’s turf. (Wall Street Journal)
* Apple announces $2.65 per share dividend plan. (
* Former TribLocal reporter sues Chicago Tribune for overtime pay, seeks class-action status. (Chicago Tribune)
* Washington Post journalists “must be the un-Limbaugh,” ombud says in column about humor writer’s apology to Rush. (Washington Post)
* Media reporter John Koblin is leaving Conde Nast’s Women’s Wear Daily to write for Deadspin. (Capital New York)
* Two of Breitbart’s closest friends to take over his company. (
* MaineToday’s Morning Sentinel building might become a police station (Morning Sentinel)
* Rich Juzwiak leaves News Corp.’s The Daily to write for Gawker. (