Denver Post lays off columnists Parker and Littwin

The Denver Post has laid off columnists Penny Parker and Mike Littwin, and “apparently, more is coming down today,” says Parker. She tells Michael Roberts she was surprised to get pink-slipped:

Kick me in the head, seriously. I knew nothing, nothing. My poor, 33-year-old boss had to tell me. I feel really bad for her. This is not what she signed on for. I would have expected [Post editor] Greg Moore to have called me. He didn’t, and I’m disappointed.

Why does she believe she was let go? “I’m extraneous. If you look at newspapers that still have a business columnist, well, they can be axed.” Both columnists were brought over from the Rocky Mountain News when that paper folded in 2009.

* Denver Post lays off lays off two prominent columnists
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  1. Frank Lampe said:

    Mike Litwin was a voice of measured sanity and reality in an increasingly complex world. His thoughtful columns–recently moved to the OpEd pages, will be missed. Will the Post get rid of the idiot Mike Rosen? Unlikely. Oh, right, it’s that darn liberal media again. Just like in the slimmed down comics section (no Doonesbury? Really?), the Denver Post just got a lot less interesting to read.