Paywalls coming to more Lee papers

Lee Enterprises CEO Mary Junck will tell shareholders today that the newspaper chain plans to introduce digital subscriber programs in more Lee markets within the next three months and expects to have them in most newspapers by the end of the year. “We’re excited about the opportunities we see for digital subscriptions,” she says. From the press release:

She said reception of a digital subscriber program at six newspapers in Montana and Wyoming has been good. She said there has been no adverse effect on digital advertising revenue, that the number of unique visits has continued to grow, and that page views have remained strong.

She shared updated market studies showing that Lee`s newspapers and digital products reach 82% of the adults in its 12 largest markets over a week, including 80% of people 18-29 years old.

She said mobile and tablet audience growth has been “breathtaking,” with page views up 225% in January 2012 compared with a year ago.

* Lee Enterprises plans more digital subscriptions