Starbucks’ spelling problems, cont’d.

What is it with Starbucks and spelling errors? I asked yesterday. (VEGATABLES! COMPLEMENTARY WI-FI!) Today a Romenesko reader tips us off to another incredible Starbucks misspelling: “Interducing.” Raven Baxter tweeted the photo below this afternoon and wrote: “#USF #Starbucks please do better.”



  1. Baylink said:

    Collage students’ can’t spel. Thats what.

  2. Me said:

    Actually, the photo shows it misspelled as `Interducing’ not `Enterducing’ as you state in your post. Their misspelling is bad. Yours is kind of meta. :)

  3. Me said:

    Hmmm… no new time stamp on the “Enterducing” misspelling edit in a blog post about misspellings eh? Slippery, meet slope. Kidding, it’s all good. :)