Is this you, columnist Steve Buckley? (Update: It isn’t)

Steve Buckley

A Boston Globe staffer tells me that this “Ask the Handyman” question is from Boston Herald sports columnist Steve Buckley, who came out in a column 14 months ago.

Q. My partner and I are getting married this year. I’d like to make him something special and personal. I found some simple plans for an Adirondack chair. The twist is that we both love baseball, so I was going to make it out of wood baseball bats. Would I need to put any special preservative on the bats?

STEVE BUCKLEY, in Hotton’s chat room

I’ve asked Buckley to confirm that and share details about his upcoming wedding.


Hey Jim — It’s not me. Were I to be walking the aisle, I wouldn’t be announcing it via a handyman question in the Globe. :)

Thanks for asking. I’ve been answering this question all morning…

* Can he make an Adirondack chair from baseball bats?