Daily Archives: March 22, 2012

A Romenesko reader who asks not to be named sends this email:

Here’s a strange thing you might be interested in…

The Gannett paper up here in Vermont, the Burlington Free Press, just went after a local blog for embedding one of their videos. They say other sites can’t post copyrighted material, only link to it.

I just went to the video in question on the Free Press’ website, and sure enough… if you mouse over the video and click the upper-rightmost button, you get an embed code. Hmmm.

I’ve asked a Free Press editor if he wants to respond.

* An encounter with the Keystone Kopyright Kops of the Burlington Free Press

Your favorite? (Can’t forget Newsday.)

Here’s what Denver Post editor Greg Moore tells his staff about columnists Mike Littwin and Penny Parker being laid off:

This was done strictly to meet budget cuts. It is no reflection on them personally or professionally. Both of them have contributed mightily since joining The Post after the closing of The Rocky Mountain News three years ago. I appreciate everything they have done. I wish it didn’t have to happen. …

It is important to know that reductions are happening in every division at The Post in an effort to cut expenses and improve our performance. You will be hearing more about these challenges in coming days. I had hoped to have a chance to explain some of this before it seeped out, but personnel issues are delicate.

* Denver Post editor explains layoffs, other “challenges”