Radio newsman: Change isn’t always good

After working under former Tribune CEO Randy Michaels and right-hand man Kevin (“Pig Virus”) Metheny, “I’ve come to hate the phrase ‘change is good,'” says WGN radio newsman Steve Bertrand.

Steve Bertrand

Change for the better is great but change just for change sake, without forward direction, is demoralizing.

At one point I was told to stop pronouncing the “t” in President Obama. It sounded too newsy. So for more than a year I referred to the President of the United States as “Presdeh-Obama.” I’ve pretty much kept my feelings to myself until now but am comfortable saying this knowing we are headed toward brighter days [now that Michaels & Co. are gone].

In addition to doing to news at Chicago’s WGN, Bertrand runs Steve Bertrand on Books on Facebook, which has author interviews and conversations about books.

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