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It’s “disheartening” that 25 news employees of Gannett newspapers in Wisconsin signed Gov. Scott Walker recall petitions, says Green Bay Press-Gazette publisher Kevin Corrado. “It has caused us to examine how this could have happened, how we will address it and how we will prevent it from happening again,” he tells readers. “We now are in the process of taking disciplinary measures and reviewing supplemental ethics training for all news employees.”

A number of the journalists told their editors they did not consider signing the petition a political act. They equated it to casting a ballot in an election. But we do not make that distinction.

Is it not an ethics violation, too, to claim authorship of something you didn’t write? Compare this column “written by Richard Roesgen,” executive editor of the Fond du Lac Reporter, with this column by Green Bay Press-Gazette publisher Kevin Corrado and this one from Appleton Post-Crescent publisher Genia Lovett. Many of the passages are identical.

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(This post was updated to correct the number employees who signed the petition.)

An excerpt:
DAVID LETTERMAN: Now let’s just say I live to be 90, will there still will be a published, hand-held paper version of the New York Times or will it all be electronic?

GAIL COLLINS: Well, there will be a hand-held version — something in your hands.

LETTERMAN: But it won’t necessarily be paper.

COLLINS: I can’t promise paper — I hope it’s paper. …I like paper, I’m going to go for paper.

“Gotta get over before we go under,” correct?

Another reader tweets a response to me:

Collins was on the show to promote her book, “William Henry Harrison.”