How about giving this artist some credit?

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From JEFF HARLEY: I’m a creative that runs Chicago-based in my free time. It’s a local art-house blog that features all my original video, photo and writing work that I discover throughout the city.

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Some of the stories that I have covered are starting to gain traction. Some of the videos I have created — by myself and without pay — are now being featured on sites like The Guardian, GQ Mag, The Reader and a slew of other blog type sites. The one thing I’ve found is that bloggers have always been kind with hyperlinks and credit, while the major sites have not even mentioned me as the creator of the video that is displayed prominently on their website. The most recent example may be found this week [on].

Do you think I have any standing to demand any type of video credit or at least attribution via a link back to my site for this type of embedding? Or am I on my own? I didn’t want to demand something for which I’m not even sure I have a right to demand. I was just curious if there is a book or guidance anywhere that can help shed light on the Ps & Qs of these things. Obviously, I’m very proud that my work is being featured on bigger sites, but I also feel a little left out because I’m not given any credit in a major publication. [I told him he should let the sites know he wants credit. Your thoughts on his inquiry and the big sites’ handling of his work?]



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  1. Nick said:

    I think all he has to do is copyright his work and then ask the sites to credit him and, if possible, to link back to his blog. Am I being naive?