Bay Citizen, CIR merge

Center for Investigative Reporting executive director Robert Rosenthal says the Bay Citizen, CIR merger “puts us in a unique position as journalists, innovators, technologists and, yes, entrepreneurs.”

I worked in newspapers for decades, starting as a copy boy and ending up as the top editor. No one ever strung those four words together to describe what we were as an organization.

But to survive, thrive and evolve, the journalism, the innovation, the technology and the entrepreneurial vision all have to be intertwined in the new model.

Dan Fost writes:

While technically a merger, a similar deal in the corporate world would be termed an acquisition, with Berkeley-based CIR assuming a dominant role on the board and in the management of the combined organization. No one from The Bay Citizen’s current senior editorial or technology management teams will have a leadership role in the expanded organization.

* Center for Investigative Reporting merging with Bay Citizen
* Merger offers chance to weave journalism, entrepreneurial spirit



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  1. Anonymous said:

    I’m glad you linked to Fost for the real story. With the salaries the top brass at the “merged” group, there will end up being layoffs.