Maddow: I don’t ambush my guests

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow tells Terry Gross that “I am thankful for anybody who agrees to come onto the show” and “I don’t think personal animosity ever enters into it even when I vehemently disagree with somebody. And particularly for people who disagree with me, I want them to feel like they’ve been treated fairly – they weren’t ambushed, they weren’t interrupted, they had a chance to say their piece.” She also told the “Fresh Air” host:
* “I think had it been legal for openly gay people to serve in the military in the time I might have been considering signing up.”
* On coming out in Stanford’s newspaper when she was 17: “I just wanted to throw something up in peoples’ faces. I’m not sure that I would do it that way now.”
* On depression: “It doesn’t take away from my joy or my work or my energy, but coping with depression is something that is part of the everyday way that I live and have lived for as long as I can remember. … Depression for me, you can’t distract your way out of it.”

* Rachel Maddow’s “Fresh Air” interview