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“‘Reeling’ was once a vivid word, but it has been cheapened by overuse,” writes New York Times standards editor Philip Corbett. It’s the same with “slated.” “Try something conversational — perhaps scheduled, set or planned,” he suggests.

* “Reeling” and other words we love too much
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Sarah Tressler

Sarah Tressler — the Houston Chronicle’s society writer who reportedly moonlights as a stripper — hasn’t commented yet on the Houston Press’s story from yesterday, and I’m also waiting to hear back from Chronicle editor Jeff Cohen to see what he has to say about the Press piece. (UPDATE: Cohen called back and declined comment.) In the meantime, I’ll share some of the comments that have been posted on my Facebook wall:

Jim Thomsen
I still don’t understand why people are getting worked up. So effing what? If journalists had to agree to “morals clauses,” there wouldn’t be any journalists. We smoke, drink, brawl, cheat on our spouses and dress badly. The last is by far the worst offense, so I guess it’s better to not dress at all ….

Lisa DePaulo
She should be commended. Pimps can be a lot better than editors.

C. Claiborne Ray
My very first thought was why does she need to supplement her income?

Jim Thomsen
Mine too. If journalists were paid right, this would be a non-issue. I spent three years in the ’90s working as a reporter by day and managing a video store by night. You do what you gotta do to keep up with the rent, the car insurance and the cocaine habit.

Bob Benenson
I never even knew this was an option. My whole journalism career could have gone completely different! :)

Charlie Webster
Oh puleeze!!! Get off her back!! She’s not doing anything wrong!!! Can we just get out of the medieval period already!! Are we really this prudish?? Get over it!!! It’s her life and you have no right to judge!! Go dig up a real story!!!

Rusty Garrett
We had an interesting assortment of society (lifestyle) editors at the papers where I have worked, but none to match this.

Sally Deneen
What kind of hardworking journalist has time to work a second job as stripper?

Jeremy D. Bonfiglio
What kind of hardworking stripper has time to work a second job as a journalist?

John Nova Lomax
Conflict of interest my wife pointed out: she has to pretend not to know the husbands she meets through job A while she is on the clock (or pole) at job B. Yeah, it’s just society BS, but still, there are some standards here.

Amy Starnes
I’m not sure how she types with those stripper nails (in her FB photos). And wouldn’t they have given her away? What journalist or even society writer wears those? [Note: Her “Diary of an Angry Stripper” Facebook page was taken down yesterday.]

* Society writer by day, stripper by night

Some highlights from today’s Project for Excellence in Journalism Election Report:

* From March 19-25 Mitt Romney outdistanced his rivals in the amount of coverage received, due in part to his top aide’s Etch A Sketch remark.

* For the week, 41% of Romney’s coverage was positive compared with 29% negative and 30% neutral.

* Santorum’s coverage improved last week to 43% positive, 26% negative and 30% neutral. In the two weeks from March 5-18, Santorum’s coverage was a nearly even mix between positive and negative.

* Newt Gingrich’s coverage plunged last week. He was a significant presence in just 14% of the stories, compared with 35% the previous week and 36% the week before that.

* Two primaries and a gaffe shape campaign coverage

* Job cuts earlier this month cost Philly newspapers owner about $900,000 in severance; more layoffs coming. (
* Helen Thomas won’t be getting her own table at next month’s White House Correspondents Association dinner. (Huffington Post)
* How the Wall Street Journal is using Pinterest. (10,000 Words)
* Columbia j-school considers online courses and degrees. (
* Mike Daisey retraction episode sets online listening record for “This American Life.” (Nieman Journalism Lab)
* Journalist Priscilla L. Buckley, sister of William F. Buckley, is dead at 90. (Washington Post)
* Patch Elections head John Ness explains how the AOL-owned site is covering the 2012 elections. (Street Fight Mag)
* Paul Farhi has more on Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School “recalling” newspapers. (Washington Post)