Why Vic Ketchman became a sportswriter

Vic Ketchman

Jeff Bercovici tipped me off to this Q-and-A from today’s “Ask Vic” column on Packers.com. Site editor Vic Ketchman spent 40 years covering the NFL as a beat reporter, and his “Ask Vic” column “is pretty terrific generally,” says Bercovici, “but this exchange blew me away. How many sportswriters would be man enough to answer this way?”

You have mentioned a few times that you have played sports. On camera you appear to be around 5-6, 145 pounds. I’m just curious, what sports did you participate in and at what level?

I’m actually 5-2, 109 pounds. I played sports at the very lowest levels and I never really played, I just sat the bench. I was once sent into a football game, and it was a very embarrassing moment for me because I began to weep when someone tackled me. The other boys, however, comforted me. It was like that in all sports for me. I wanted to be like the other boys, but I was too small and weak to compete. That’s why I became a sportswriter. Tell us about yourself.

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  1. TV Tom said:

    Oh, I wish political reporters could be so straight. So many of us — me included — enjoyed playing at politics but without the responsibilities of holding office. Like Ketchman, when I was actually in the game, as it were, I felt like crying. Much, much easier to be the ‘objective observer’. Oh, yes.

  2. Dave Barnes said:

    Totally awesome answer.