Did ‘general news hell’ cause TheStar.com to crash?

A Romenesko reader writes:

The Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper, had its website crash today in a really hilarious way. There was a lot of city news, like strikes and strippers at city hall and the like, all really Canadian, but it was also the day of Canada’s federal budget — and also one of our largest companies, RIM, was detonating and firing all its staff. In short, it was general news hell and the Star’s website crashed and was reduced to, not essentially, but literally, a blog. See screen shot. It’s still like that as of as of half past midnight.

I’ve left a message for Star digital editor Shawna Richer.

In the meantime, a Star staffer who asked not to be named because he’s not authorized to speak for the paper told me that site experienced problems for “a fair number of hours,” starting late afternoon. He said he doubted that “general news hell” caused TheStar.com to crash, “but I’m not privy to any specific information as to what the cause was.”

UPDATE: Star spokesman Bob Hepburn called me back and said the reason why the website went down is still unknown. “We’re still doing forensic work to find the cause” of the crash.