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John Temple

John Temple is joining the Washington Post as a managing editor, “overseeing coverage that predominantly serves the local audience and acting as the newsroom’s senior digital editor,” says a Post release. The former Rocky Mountain News editor and publisher, who is leaving Honolulu Civil Beat to take the Post job, “has successfully launched a number of pioneering digital news projects,” says Post executive editor Marcus Brauchli. Read the release and memo to staff after the jump.

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Nat Ives reports magazines’ digital circulation increased to 3.29 million in the second half of 2012 vs. 1.46 million in the year-earlier period. Still, digital remains only about 1% of magazines’ total paid and verified circulation.

*Magazines’ digital circulation more than doubles

* Katie Couric to co-host the news on “Good Morning America” next week. (New York Times)
* News Corp. considers launching a national cable sports network. (Wall Street Journal)
* Paywall down! is free today. (
* Facebook adds permalinks to comments and makes other changes. (Facebook)
* Former Maxim and Blender editor Joe Levy is named Billboard editor-in-chief. (New York Post)
* Shit Gail Collins Says: Now a crossword puzzle. (Chicago Reader)
* What is an alt-weekly? asks Baltimore City Paper editor(
* Hundreds of reactions to NPR ombud’s column about sponsors. (
* Jeremy Lin has lunch with ESPN staffer who was fired over headline. (Washington Post) | The headline: (
* E.W. Scripps discloses it paid ex-newspaper division chief Mark Contreras $4.4 million in severance. (

The editorial board of the student-run Daily Texan says running Stephanie Eisner’s Trayvon Martin cartoon “showed a failure in judgment” on the part of the board, and “we have engaged in meaningful dialogue with many people who shared their concerns and outrage with us.” The apology notes that cartoonist Eisner “no longer works for The Daily Texan.”

* Apology from the Daily Texan editorial board
* Many Daily Texan alums said they were unhappy about the cartoon
* Letters from ex-Daily Texan’s political cartoonist and others
* “I am not a racist,” says cartoonist Eisner

Politico reports Honolulu Civil Beat editor and former Rocky Mountain News editor John Temple has been offered the vacant managing editor job at the Washington Post. (The paper has two managing editor slots.) One of my Post sources says: “Apparently accepted. Likely to be announced before the weekend.”

* John Temple, ex-Rocky editor, offered Washington Post managing editor job

“What are the odds?”

That was the subject line in an email that New York Post chief copy editor Barry Gross received today from The Daily copy chief Jon Blackwell.

Gross tells Romenesko readers that he had no idea that The Daily also used “This Is Your Captain Freaking” until fairly late in the day. (He doesn’t subscribe to iPad publication and doesn’t even own a tablet.)

How did the Post come up with its headline?

“We were just throwing ideas around,” says Gross. One staffer came up with “This Is Your Captain Screeching,” and then “Freakin’ Flyer” was tossed out — again. (That headline was used in 2010 for the Steven Slater story.)

Deborah Pines then suggested the “Freaking” headline that ended up being used.

“It really was a total team effort,” says the chief copy editor. “It’s hard to give credit to one person.”

(Thanks to Capital New York for the image assist.)

The City of Sanford has put out a press release that “kindly requests that members of the media refrain from approaching, phoning or emailing city employees when they are in their roles as private citizens.” The police department “will not hesitate to make an arrest for stalking.”

From: “One, PIO” Date: March 28, 2012 4:12:54 PM EDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: Public Information Release

Media Advisory

For Immediate Release, March 28, 2012
For Further Information Contact:

Sanford, Fla – March 28, 2012 — The City of Sanford kindly requests that members of the media refrain from approaching, phoning or emailing city employees when they are in their roles as private citizens. It has come to light that there have been a few incidents where city staff were followed and approached at their home or in settings outside of working hours.

Law enforcement officials will not hesitate to make an arrest for stalking.

If members of the media require information, they should contact the City of Sanford Joint Information Center at or 407-562-2778. If they are seeking information about the Trayvon Martin case, they are to contact the State Attorneys Office at 904-630-2400.


Cartoonist Stephanie Eisner says:

I apologize for what was in hindsight an ambiguous cartoon related to the Trayvon Martin shooting. I intended to contribute thoughtful commentary on the media coverage of the incident, however this goal fell flat.

I would like to make it explicitly clear that I am not a racist, and that I am personally appalled by the killing of Trayvon Martin. I regret any pain the wording or message of my cartoon may have caused.

UPDATE (4:48 ET): I just talked to Daily Texan adviser Doug Warren and he said the editorial board is meeting now and will be issuing an apology this evening. I asked why his post about the controversy is no longer online, and he said he felt it wasn’t helping the situation so it was taken down.

* Daily Texan and cartoonist cave in over Trayvon Martin drawing
* National Association of Black Journalists reacts to the cartoon
* Here’s the Daily Texan’s coverage of the controversy it created
* Follow The Daily Texan on Twitter

Photo: Robert Quigley/@robquig

J.C. Gabel says he sold the entire initial printing of The Chicagoan in a few weeks, even though it costs $20 a copy, and that he’s already made money on his investment. It hit newsstands just as The Baffler was being shipped to stores. The Chicago Tribune’s Christopher Borrelli puts together “a handy guide” to the two publications.

* The Chicagoan and The Baffler come back from the dead