Early Christmas for San Diego journalists

-- email flyer sent to U-T San Diego employees

Hotel mogul and U-T San Diego owner “Papa” Doug Manchester is offering his newspaper employees “a deal” on his Grand Del Mar room rates. Dave Maass of San Diego City Beat reports rooms generally go for about $395, but U-T employees can stay there for $245 per night.

* Papa Doug offers U-T employees a hotel deal they’ll never be able to afford
* Earlier: San Diego journalists are told to dress up, work longer hours

UPDATE: I just checked BiddingForTravel.com — the site that lists rates that Priceline users are getting — and found that you can stay at the downtown San Diego W hotel for “$95 + $17 bonus.”



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  1. FormerStaffer said:

    Just went back and looked at the earlier posts about the change in hours and the dress code in San Diego. Newsroom staff should dress to suit the circumstances. Interviewing a farmer in a dairy barn for a business story does not call for a skirt suit and heels.

    One issue about changes in the work week didn’t seem to be picked up by commenters earlier. The last paper where I worked made a change from a shorter work week to a 40-hour week. At that time, reporters were still working a lot of overtime, so the change meant nothing to them. The people who were really annoyed were the salaried workers (mostly editors), because the hourly rate of compensation shown on our paychecks went down.

    No, it wasn’t a cut in actual pay because we were working all hours already. But it was a psychological hit for those staffers who liked their hourly rates, those who used the hourly rates to negotiate salary at subsequent jobs and those who feared they might have to negotiate based on the lowered hourly rates.