Hustler has style rules, too

Former Hustler magazine copy editor Eric Althoff told American Copy Editors Society convention attendees about his work in the “conservative corporate environment” of Larry Flynt Publications and pointed out that porn needs editing, too. Some of the style questions that he had to deal with:

– is it blow job or blowjob?
– porno vs. porn?
– phone-sex vs. phone sex
– girl next door vs. girl-next-door
– cover babe vs. coverbabe

In each of these examples, Hustler prefers the latter usage. On occasion, the magazine would update its stylebook. For example, it now uses “hos” rather than “ho’s.”

Althoff told the ACES audience that he had had enough of Hustler after four years and tried consulting before joining Brides magazine as a contract copy editor. He worked at the Conde Nast title for four months, then started freelancing.

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