Philly Daily News editor: Our name will be on the new offices

Philadelphia Daily News’ assistant city editor tells his staff that their paper’s logo will be on the new headquarters. An earlier report said only the Inquirer’s name would appear on the building. Here’s the memo:

From: “Cornfield, Joshua”
Date: April 13, 2012 2:53:48 PM EDT
To: “Daily News”
Subject: The Daily News logo

Don’t worry, our proud Daily News logo WILL be prominently displayed on the side of our new headquarters.

Greg Osberg just came to talk to those of us that toil in the office on Fridays: Today’s historical commission hearing was a bureaucratic hurdle regarding ONLY the small sign the company wants to put on a newly-created overhang of the historical Strawbridge’s portion of our new headquarters. The sense is that Philadelphia Inquirer and its classic script is most likely a better play for that small piece. (Osberg says the company attempted to get all three brands on the sign, but the historical commission insisted we could only choose one.)

HOWEVER, the Gallery building next door will have all THREE logos (Inky, DN, [We asked Osberg specifically whether he is committing to having all three and he said yes], although the exact location and sizes are being hammered out next week with PREIT, the building’s owner. Also, there will be some branding of the DN and in the windows at street level of the Strawbridge’s building.

Josh Cornfield
Assistant City Editor
Philadelphia Daily News