NYT Matzo edition

Elliott Malkin tells Romenesko readers the story behind the Matzo edition:

I was up in the cafeteria yesterday with my friend Andrew Kueneman, [New York Times] Deputy Design Director. I was eating a piece of matzah with my meal. And I don’t remember exactly- we were kibbitzing as usual- that the matzo would make a perfect tablet device, or something. We both work on our smartphone and tablet products. So I went back in line and bought a few more matzos. Farah Assir and Paul Lau, fellow designers, came by. I asked if either of them had a sharpie. Farah did. I started drawing on the matzah. Quite delicate. I then had to recruit Farah and Paul to help with the finer detail, as they’re more skilled. In all, we just sketched on two matzos. One front and back. The one pictured just front. Was just something that occupied us over lunch. The headline Paul just chose randomly from the website.