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Fox Mole Joe Muto says he tried to leave Fox News “many, many times. …I think CNN must have gotten 20 resumes from me. …I was completely blackballed within the cable news industry after working at FOX News.”

He’s not getting much sympathy on my Facebook wall. Some posts —

Eddie Vega
20 resumes is not a serious job search, unless they were sent to personal contacts at employers with known openings. I sent out 100 resumes in the last six months and got two bites. A poor economy and an increase in qualified job applicants better explain the results.

Dean Miller
‎20 resumes in this economy is squat. Try 106, 4 interviews, two offers. He can’t conclude he was blackballed.

Scott Miller
Lots of people go from FNC to other news outlets, especially “off air” people. Puh-lease. If he thought getting a gig was hard while he was at FNC, he’s gonna find out how hard it is to get a gig after being fired for being a snitch.


HOWARD KURTZ: He was known as the FOX mole, but his secret identity didn’t last long.

Joe Muto, associate producer for Bill O’Reilly making $60,000 a year, taunted his employer with a series of postings on the gossip site Gawker. But FOX tracked him down and fired him in just a couple of days.

I spoke to him earlier from New York.

KURTZ: Joe Muto, welcome.

JOE MUTO, FORMER FOX EMPLOYEE: Thanks for having me, Howard.

KURTZ: After you were caught, you wrote the following, “I am a weasel, a traitor, a sell-out and every bad word you can throw at me.” So you admit to betraying the news organization that was paying you?

MUTO: I — I believe everyone is aware of that at this point, Howard. That’s — yes, that’s true. I broke the code. I broke the code of Omerta, that was within FOX News. And I went public. I didn’t expect — [CONTINUES] Read More

That’s what Seattle Times executive editor David Boardman told journalists at this weekend’s sold-out Logan Investigative Reporting Symposium at UC Berkeley. Mark Glaser of PBS MediaShift has good coverage here.

What New York Times managing editor DEAN BAQUET told the Logan crowd:

Dean Baquet

* NYT needs collaborations less than others and that some aspects can be a “nightmare.” (@RyleGerard)
* NYT’s Baquet also lukewarm about collaborations with broadcasters. (@dlboardman)
* Going national was a smart move by the Times’ business side. (@RyleGerard)
* “Those were the places we thought it would work best.”- Dean Baquet of @nytimes on local partnerships in SF, TX, Chicago.” (@caseycapachi)
* Baquet tells #logan12 that this year is a turning point for his newspaper. It is healthy and has a future, he says. (@RyleGerard)
* Baquet: WSJ has not figured out how to cover New York but gives hell in other beats. (@RyleGerard)

Other interesting tweets from the symposium:
* We talk about all the awful things Murdoch’s done; need to ask if he can do it again. He does seem weakened.(@smydrad)
* “You don’t want to be on [Murdoch’s] wrong side, because he’ll kill ya with headlines.” (@smydrad)
* Even Dallas Morning News reporters have been threatened in Mexico, says reporter Alfredo Corchado. (@DafnaLinzer)
* “I do it b/c I can, and a lot of my colleagues cannot.” Dallas M-N reporter who covers the cartels. (@smydrad)
* First Sat. panel for #Logan12 is very old school: white, male and old. Rupert would be proud. Luckily the Twitter-stream is more diverse. (@mediatwit)
* Good to see that there are more women and people of color later in the day here at #logan12. There’s a certain monotone to this first one. (@mediatwit)
* “FBI is now better because of you [journos].” Catching FBI missteps is important to law enforcement mission. @FBIPublicAffairs. (@smydrad)
* #FBI Mike Kortan says FBI and reporters more alike than different #Logan12 (he omits that they have guns and subpoena powers, we don’t. (@JoshMeyerDC)
* Jerry Mitchell from The Clairon-Ledger on threats from Klan: they are a bunch of bullies. But doesn’t like to meet them after dark. (@RyleGerard)
* No matter how good a story is, if it’s not on the evening news, the american people don’t know about it, sez @dianabhenriques. (@DafnaLinzer)

* PBS MediaShift coverage of the Logan Investigative Reporting Symposium