Tweets from the Logan Symposium

That’s what Seattle Times executive editor David Boardman told journalists at this weekend’s sold-out Logan Investigative Reporting Symposium at UC Berkeley. Mark Glaser of PBS MediaShift has good coverage here.

What New York Times managing editor DEAN BAQUET told the Logan crowd:

Dean Baquet

* NYT needs collaborations less than others and that some aspects can be a “nightmare.” (@RyleGerard)
* NYT’s Baquet also lukewarm about collaborations with broadcasters. (@dlboardman)
* Going national was a smart move by the Times’ business side. (@RyleGerard)
* “Those were the places we thought it would work best.”- Dean Baquet of @nytimes on local partnerships in SF, TX, Chicago.” (@caseycapachi)
* Baquet tells #logan12 that this year is a turning point for his newspaper. It is healthy and has a future, he says. (@RyleGerard)
* Baquet: WSJ has not figured out how to cover New York but gives hell in other beats. (@RyleGerard)

Other interesting tweets from the symposium:
* We talk about all the awful things Murdoch’s done; need to ask if he can do it again. He does seem weakened.(@smydrad)
* “You don’t want to be on [Murdoch’s] wrong side, because he’ll kill ya with headlines.” (@smydrad)
* Even Dallas Morning News reporters have been threatened in Mexico, says reporter Alfredo Corchado. (@DafnaLinzer)
* “I do it b/c I can, and a lot of my colleagues cannot.” Dallas M-N reporter who covers the cartels. (@smydrad)
* First Sat. panel for #Logan12 is very old school: white, male and old. Rupert would be proud. Luckily the Twitter-stream is more diverse. (@mediatwit)
* Good to see that there are more women and people of color later in the day here at #logan12. There’s a certain monotone to this first one. (@mediatwit)
* “FBI is now better because of you [journos].” Catching FBI missteps is important to law enforcement mission. @FBIPublicAffairs. (@smydrad)
* #FBI Mike Kortan says FBI and reporters more alike than different #Logan12 (he omits that they have guns and subpoena powers, we don’t. (@JoshMeyerDC)
* Jerry Mitchell from The Clairon-Ledger on threats from Klan: they are a bunch of bullies. But doesn’t like to meet them after dark. (@RyleGerard)
* No matter how good a story is, if it’s not on the evening news, the american people don’t know about it, sez @dianabhenriques. (@DafnaLinzer)

* PBS MediaShift coverage of the Logan Investigative Reporting Symposium



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  1. Anonymous said:

    Laugh or cry? The top tweet is typical of self important professional conference goers. Meanwhile, back in the struggling newsroom…