Sheriff accused of pointing gun at reporter

Editor John Paul

The editor of claims the Beaver County (PA) sheriff pointed a gun at him during an interview. The cop’s lawyer denies it, telling TV reporter Cara Sapida that “no gun ever left the holster.”

Meanwhile, editor John Paul tells his readers that “I have provided a truthful statement to authorities and, at their request, will be making no public statements while the investigation is ongoing.”

Some readers have doubts about the editor’s story, according to a commenter:

There are already accusations that JP did this as a publicity stunt to get more readers. That thought never occurred to me when I was reading this story. The sheriff has law-enforcement power, carries a gun, and has many supporters. One does not use a person like that for publicity. Since JP is in the process of making changes to his website, doesn’t it seem like he would have waited until he got everything the way he wanted before pulling a publicity stunt? I don’t know JP or the sheriff, but I do like a good mystery. I’m sure we’ll hear more.

* Beaver County reporter says sheriff pointed gun at him
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