WaPo buyouts update

Post Guild rep Fredrick Kunkle posted this on the union’s Facebook page today:


We have learned today that 32 Guild-covered employees have chosen to accept the company’s buyout offer. We do not know how many editors have elected to participate in the buyouts, but union reps are hearing that the number probably puts the total close to 50.

It also appears, as many of you have been hearing, that a high number of the participants are Asian, African-American or Latino. By our count, more a dozen of these Guild-covered employees are minorities, most of whom are black.

We thought we would tell you as soon as we knew the numbers, but we won’t be giving out any names.

In what has to be one of the most dismal weeks in recent Post history (blogger resignation, buyout deadline and Pulitzer skunking, in case you’re keeping score at home), we certainly wish the best for those who have decided to leave.




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  1. jon said:

    lol. i guess that should have capped the number of minorities who could accept the buyout, but I can imagine the headline: “POST offers gold parachute to white workers, gives minorities the shaft.”
    “POST imposes quota on minorities seeking buyout.”
    and so on.