Bob Edwards is impressed

This kid is the next Bob Edwards!

That was my first thought after hearing 14-year-old Jake Foushee do his movie-trailer guy impression. So what does Edwards think? He emails me:

I have NEVER sounded that good, Jim, so I’m flattered by the comparison. Too bad we can’t pair him with Don LaFontaine, who died last year. Don was the “In a world…” movie trailer guy. Tell Jake to get his SAG AFTRA card and NEVER work non-union.

You can’t blame Foushee for trying to make a few bucks off his fame. He tweeted on Sunday: “For $5 ill record you a voicemail and send it to you as an .mp3 :D” One of his followers responded: “‘Fame’ and money has already gone to your head.”

Jake Foushee

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