Afternoon report

* Tribune chairman Sam Zell gives $70K to Romney SuperPAC and $50K to Midwest GOP SuperPAC. (Daily Herald)
* Woodward and Bernstein respond to Bradlee biographer Jeff Himmelman. (Washington Post)
* Jack Shafer: What did Ben Bradlee know and when did he know it? (Reuters)
* Columbia University to distribute $2M in grant money to find “best practices” in digital media. (Capital New York)
* Arkansas Democrat-Gazette executive editor Griffin Smith to step down Tuesday, says it’s the “right time.”
* Voice of San Diego editor Andrew Donohue to resign Sept. 1, head to Stanford for fellowship. (Voice of San Diego)
* American Prospect could close in May, needs $500,000 to fill current funding gap. (Huffington Post)
* College newspapers feel financial pinch. (USA Today)