Morning report

* Where did Gawker Media get the idea for branches? (New York Times)
* Dan Rather’s still battling CBS News. (Daily Beast)
* David Carr asks: Has the WHCA dinner become a nerd unity conference? (New York Times)
(New York Times)
* “I never miss ’60 Minutes’ or ‘Meet the Press,'” says comedian Kathy Griffin. (Adweek)
* Dan Abrams to launch The Braiser, a site covering celebrity chefs. (New York Times)
* Dallas Morning News parent A.H. Belo reports loss of 18-cents/share for Q1 vs. loss of 31-cents in Q1 ’11. (Belo release)
* Tribune: Chicagoans who won’t miss the giant Marilyn Monroe statue downtown won’t miss Playboy, either. (Chicago Tribune)