Jonah Goldberg drops claim of two Pulitzer nominations

Jonah Goldberg

The dust jacket of “The Tyranny of Clich├ęs: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas” says conservative author Jonah Goldberg has “twice been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize,” but Bill Dedman points out that Goldberg simply entered his work and was never “nominated.”

Goldberg tells Dedman he didn’t mean to mislead anyone and would remove the Pulitzer nominations claim from his National Review Online bio. Dedman writes:

What’s surprising in Goldberg’s case is that he has been called out for the same resume padding before, when his previous book was published.

I asked Dedman about his catch. He writes: “I was looking at the top 100 books on Amazon, saw his book, wasn’t sure if I recognized his name, so I clicked through. As soon as I saw in the bio that he was a two-time Pulitzer nominee, I doubted it. …You can see the padding now still on his Amazon page for the book, and as of this moment still on the Penguin USA website.

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