Greensboro News & Record editorial page *finally* mentions Amendment One

While all the country talked about North Carolina’s anti-gay marriage Amendment One, the Greensboro News & Record editorial page said nothing during the fierce debate. (Its conservative publisher, Robin Saul, opposes same-sex marriage.)

Now that voters have approved the marriage ban, “the editorial page got permission from Saul to mention the amendment after the fact,” writes Ed Cone, “if only to tell us that a lot of people voted.” N&R’s bland editorial points out that “more voters were interested in the marriage amendment than in the governor’s races or the presidential primaries or anything else on the ballot.” The Charlotte Observer, which took a stance on the issue, today scolds the state’s voters for their “wrong and disgraceful” position. It points out:

The state is on the wrong side of history on this matter. Most Americans are increasingly rejecting this type of prejudice against gays and lesbians. A new Gallup poll showed 50 percent of Americans believe same sex marriages should be recognized as legal, while 48 percent say such marriages should not be legal.

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