How Joe Weisenthal wins: He starts earlier, writes more, publishes faster

Ten things we learn about Business Insider blogger Joe Weisenthal from Binyamin Appelbaum’s New York Times Magazine profile:

* He wakes up around 4 a.m. and sends his first tweet, which is usually: What’d I miss?
* He tweets about 150 times daily to over 19,000 followers.
* He works a 16-hour day and writes about 15 posts in that time.
* At 31, he’s “still a bit baby-faced, is funny, omnivorous and well versed in the mechanics of the economy.”
* Although incredibly intense, Weisenthal “is easygoing in conversation, though he rarely stops fidgeting with his cellphone.”
* “He rarely makes phone calls. His phone almost never rings.”
* He dreams about jobs numbers.
* He’s not putting on an act, say acquaintances.
* His bosses are concerned about burnout. (“We ensure that he takes his vacations.”)
* His wife of six years tries to prevent him from tweeting while they eat.

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* “Joe Weisenthal… meet Mike Allen.” (Ben Williams)
* “Oh yes, huge congrats to my wonderful, genius, over-tweeting husband on his profile.” (Brooke Moreland)
* “At no point during the editing process of this great @bcappelbaum profile of @thestalwart did I start to feel less lazy.” (Greg Veis)
* “Why @TheStalwart would make perfect Cable anchor. ‘I don’t think it harms your credibility to take a strong stand.’” (Jonathan Wald)
* “Someone who sleeps less than I do…” (Anthony De Rosa)