‘Deadline’ board game updated

Dave Bakke points out that the ’70s-era “Deadline” newspaper-themed board game “did not take the country by storm.” Its creator — journalist Michael A. Smith — tells the Springfield, Ill. columnist: “In truth, I think only about 100 of these games have ever been sold. I have six or seven here at home. The rest I gave away.”

* Newspaper board game originated in Springfield, Ill. (State Journal-Register)

UPDATE: New York Post associate editorial page editor Eric Fettmann writes on my Facebook wall:

This is hardly the “only” newspaper-themed board game. I have 23 different ones, dating back to “Around the World With Nellie Bly” from 1890, and including “The News Boy Game” (1895), “Five-Star Final” (1937), “Boake Carter’s Star Reporter” (1938), “Swayze” (1954), “Calling Superman: A Game of News Reporting” (1954), “Scoop” (1956), “Woody Woodpecker’s Great Newspaper Chase Game” (1980) and. most recently, “The New York Times Photo Archives Trivia Game” (2008).