Welcome back to the Durham Herald-Sun, Bob Ashley!

Bob Ashley, who resigned as Herald-Sun executive editor in 2011, is returning to that position after serving as Preservation Durham executive director for 13 months. (Nancy Wykle is stepping down as editor to take a job as Department of Social Services volunteer programs director.)

There’s only one comment on the story announcing Ashley’s return to the paper. Here it is:

Bob Ashley? Really? This is the guy who violated every canon of journalistic integrity when he spun Crystal “Meth” Mangum‘s fraudulent claim of rape into a full-out assault on every buzz word on his liberal agenda: Duke students are elitist, athletes are entitled, males are sexist, whites are racist, etc, etc, ad nauseum. Presented the opportunity to simply report the news, caution forebearance, and let the justice system take its course, Ashley instead took up the torch and fanned the flames of the lynch mob. And you’re handing the reins to the newspaper back to him, giving him once more a stage from which to spout his liberal drivel? Well, good luck with that. This isn’t a step back; this is a plunge off the cliff. And Ms Wykle, if you truly consider Ashley a mentor who taught you about the emphasis of local news, you were poorly served.

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