Tina Brown explains Obama ‘gaylo’ cover

“If President Clinton was the ‘first black president’ then Obama earns every stripe in that ‘gaylo’ with last week’s gay marriage proclamation,” says Newsweek editor Tina Brown. “Newsweek’s cover pays tribute to his newly ordained place in history.”

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UPDATE: Romenesko reader Bill Lucey writes:

Thiefs!, Bandits!

I’m glad my tweet FOUR DAYS ago, gave Newsweek an idea for their cover.

I’ve been unemployed for almost 4 years now — what do I need to do to get some credit?

@wplucey: “If Bill Clinton was our first ‘black’ president is Barack Obama (based on his recent Robin Roberts interview) our first ‘gay’ president?”

* What my Facebook friends say about Lucey claiming credit for the cover line