Morning report

* Washington Times editors knew of Arnaud de Borchgrave’s apparent plagiarism for months, but let him continue. (
* New Republic owner comes up with TNR Reader idea; it recommends long reads from around the web. (Adweek)
* Warren Buffett: Media General papers “doing OK, to varying degrees” and will do even better “when we get our people in there.” (
* Marion Barry is looking for a communications director. (Washington Post)
* The New Yorker could have a smartphone app available before Labor Day. (3rd column item) (New York Post)
* Facebook’s appeal to investors is its ability to hook users. (Los Angeles Times)
* Joe Ricketts to DNAInfo staff: “My personal politics should have absolutely no impact on your work” as objective journalists. (Capital New York)
* Attorneys to court: Don’t give copyright troll Righthaven a break. (