[UPDATED] That damn coach!


What are they saying about this at the Rayne (LA) Independent?

“We’re very disappointed in it,” says Steve Bandy, general manager of the 3,600-circulation weekly.

The reporter responsible for it — a man in his 30s (“old enough to know better,” says Bandy) who has been at the paper for less than a year — “is very apologetic and very upset.”

“He just tacked it on to the end of the story and meant to change it after getting the stats. He forgot about it and turned in the story.”

The general manager says two other Independent staffers looked at the “10 or 12 inch story” before it went to press, but didn’t notice the “bullshit and laziness” line.

“One said, ‘I’m not really interested in sports and didn’t read the whole thing.” (Many Independent readers apparently didn’t get to the last sentence; Bandy says the paper only got a few calls about it.)

Will the reporter be disciplined?

“I’d rather not go into that,” says the GM.

UPDATE: Reporter Kade Seibold lost his job over this.

“It not fun right now,” Kade Seibold says in a phone interview one day after he was fired for his “bullshit and laziness” line. “I was writing the article and I was beginning to get frustrated because I didn’t have the proper information to write it that’s no excuse. I was wrong, but I think the punishment is very stiff.” (He correctly points out that others at the paper should have caught the passage.)

Seibold, 32, says he told the coach yesterday that he was sorry.

“She actually laughed at it and accepted my apology.”

He adds: “The community isn’t upset. … I was in the process of getting fired yesterday when someone called the newspaper office and said, ‘I want to congratulate who wrote that article because what he said was right.”

Seibold, who joined the Independent last August, is hoping to get his job back and “get a chance to redeem myself.”

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