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Steve Jordon was doing his “Warren Watch” column in the Omaha World-Herald long before Warren Buffett bought the paper late last year, and he’s still at it. (The 65-year-old reporter did a “Warren Watch” chat just this morning.)

Warren Buffett

The column hasn’t changed under Buffett’s ownership, says Jordan, who has covered the billionaire and his company on and off since the 1980s, and started “Warren Watch” in 2008.

“We’re doing the same kinds of stories as before, and not just in ‘Warren Watch.'” The rest of the paper covers Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway the way it did when the World-Herald was employee owned, he says.

I asked if there were any noticeable improvements under Berkshire Hathaway ownership — say, a fresh coat of paint, or new furniture or carpet?

None to report, says the newsman.

“There hasn’t been a change in compensation, and we haven’t gotten promises of this or that happening” under the new ownership. (He says some Media General employees contacted him last week and asked about Buffett as newspaper owner. “I told them, ‘Your situation is going to be pretty much the same. I don’t see a big change.'”)

Has Buffett been spotted in the World-Herald building?

“I don’t know that. He could have been and I didn’t see him. I may watch Warren [in the column], but I don’t watch him all the time.”

* Buffett and good news about newspapers (Philip Meyer)


Roger Ailes’ attack on the New York Times during a Monday Ohio University talk did seem a bit strange after his right-hand man said just a few months ago that “we have a solid relationship with the New York Times.”

The “senior Fox News executive” who told Howard Kurtz that “Ailes realizes he went too far and regrets using that language” about the Times is probably Fox News communications boss Brian Lewis — or Ailes himself. (It’s possible, too, that Irena Briganti was his source.)

* Ailes regrets sliming New York Times reporters (The Daily Beast)
* Earlier: Ailes tells Ohio U. audience that NYT is a cesspool of bias (

A Romenesko source reports:

Patch is realigning, and folding the South zone into the East zone. They laid off key leadership in the South, including Tim Windsor, the former VP of Interactive from the Baltimore Sun. They’re also laying off regional editors today.

UPDATE: Keach Hagey reports at that Patch is laying off about 20 people as it consolidates its four geographic zones into three.

* In wake of layoffs, a 4-step plan for Patch success (

Earlier on
* Patch is “the most significant media organization in the nation,” says exec
* Patch is expected to cut staff and change editorial focus


-- sign on Gawker's door

“Yes, the digital news company does get the newspaper in print form,” writes Alex Kantrowitz. “And yes, it does get stolen time to time. And Gawker is pissed.” (A Gawker staffer tells me “that sign has been there for a LONG time.” An ongoing problem?)

UPDATE: Gawker Media’s Julia Alvidrez has a suspect: “I think it’s a drunk guy that I often see wobbling around the street in the mornings. The sign was meant as a guilt tactic, and drunks have a hard time remembering to feel guilty.”

Gawker Media office manager Max Kutner says the online news outfit only gets all 3 of its newspapers about 3 days a week, so some are still going missing.

“I bid you a very heartfelt goodnight” were Johnny Carson’s final words on his last show 20 years ago tonight, notes Bill Lucey. Carson did 4,531 shows and interviewed about 24,000 guests in his 30 years as “Tonight Show” host.

The New York Times’s Bernard Weinraub covered Carson’s final show:

As a parting shot, Mr. Carson ribbed not only General Electric, the owner of NBC, but Vice President Dan Quayle, a favorite target, as well.

“I want to thank Dan Quayle for making my final week so fruitful,” Mr. Carson said. He added that now that he was leaving the show, “I’m going to join the cast of ‘Murphy Brown’ and become a surrogate father to that kid.”

* 20 years ago Johnny Carson bids a heartfelt goodnight (Bill Lucey)
* Fade out for Johnny Carson, his dignity and privacy intact (NYT)
* June 1, 1992: Dan Quayle vs. Murphy Brown (Time)

What Fox News chief Roger Ailes said at Ohio University on Monday, according to tweets from journalist and media lawyer Jonathan W. Peters:

One thing that qualifies me to run a journalism organization is the fact that I don’t have a journalism degree.

I don’t know if Pres Obama was smart in school. Haven’t seen his transcripts. (Question) No, Fox is not trying to get his transcripts.

Media Matters writes all of the primetime programming for MSNBC. All of it. That’s what a recently published book says.

The first thing I’d change about America would be requiring Congresspeople to follow the same laws we do. They get lots of freebies.

The Internet is an interesting thing, and it will keep rolling out, and eventually convergence will come. I’m watching it.

Jon Stewart is a comedian. He wouldn’t do well without Fox. And he basically has admitted to me, in a bar, that he’s a socialist.

One thing about liberals is they believe they’re always right. Fox tries to fill a different niche: providing alternative viewpoints.

I’ve killed one story, when Dean was running for president. His kid got arrested, and I said we shouldn’t run it. There was no point.

MSNBC is out of the news business. Brian Williams, a sincere newsman, wouldn’t want to be caught dead over there.

I would love for the AP to go back to being a neutral news source. But it slants stories, slants headlines. It tips to the left.

The New York Times is a cesspool of bias.

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