Press of Atlantic City to Philly Daily News: Stick it!

The Press of Atlantic City says this Philadelphia Daily News headline on its story about two Canadian tourists being stabbed to death in Atlantic City was over the top.

A “Tourist Death Trap”?


In words our fellow journalists who designed Tuesday’s front page at the Philadelphia Daily News might use:
Yo, Philly. Stick it.

Newspapers, of course, have an obligation to report the news, even and especially when the news is painful and distressing. And The Press of Atlantic City did not shy away from reporting this story in the newspaper and online.

But our brethren at the Daily News were over the top – and irresponsible.

The Daily News’ casinos blogger agrees. Chuck Darrow writes:

Monday’s brutal and random stabbing deaths of two Canadian women in the heart of midtown are being played nationwide (if not worldwide) as just another day in Hell East. A perfect example is the Daily News’ Tuesday front page, which is dominated by the headline, “TOURIST DEATH TRAP.”

This is simply unfair. There is absolutely nothing in this tragedy that identifies it as an only-an-AyCee event.

The Press of Atlantic City is encouraging readers to email Daily News editor Larry Platt to let him know how they feel. (I’ve asked Platt how many emails he’s received and what he thinks about the Press’s editorial.)

UPDATE: Platt sends this note —

I’ve received 18 emails, most of which make very valid points. I’ve committed to running every one that is reasoned and civil. (The one calling me an “A-hole” won’t get in — there’s no new news there).

Seriously, I thought the PoAC editorial was well-done. We went for a clever line, playing off the “Tourist Trap” cliché, and I understand the anger in reaction, which is why I want to make sure we give voice to those who are offended.

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