Saints owner to Times-Picayune: We need you in print every day

Saints owner Tom Benson says in his letter to Advance Publication’s Steve Newhouse that “New Orleans and this region deserve a daily newspaper that covers news, culture, business, religion and everything else that makes New Orleans great.”

I understand the need to embrace the evolving technology that comes with the digital media.

Tom Benson

However, I see on a daily basis the need to have a vibrant newspaper in the hands of those that have made it a daily habit to pick up the paper and read it from cover-to-cover. I proudly count myself in that number and have for much of my life. Our city needs and deserves the Times-Picayune to remain a daily newspaper, which will work hand-in-hand with your digital storytelling ventures.

His closing line: “I urge you to please reconsider your decision to take away our city’s only daily newspaper.”

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