Noon report

* Five points about Politico’s “hatchet job” on NYT and WaPo. (
* Ken Doctor: Reader revenue expected to surpass ad revenue as the main support of many news companies. (Nieman Journalism Lab)
* Magazines’ digital readership is making gains, but not enough to offset a decline in print readership. (
* How Seattle Times is using Facebook as a crowdsourcing tool. (10,000 Words)
* Shirky: What ails WaPo isn’t just a loss of income, but a loss of imagination. (
* “This graph is disastrous for print and great for Facebook — or the opposite!” (The Atlantic)
* Political blogger in New Mexico scales back as he’s forced to take a second job. (
* Former New York Times journalist Dudley Clendinen dies at 67 after chronicling his struggles with ALS. (Baltimore Sun)
* Diagnosed with ALS last year, Susan Spencer-Wendel is now covering the story of her life — and death. (
* Hoping to get work done on the train using Amtrak’s Wi-Fi? Good luck! (New York Times)