Kara Swisher, Troy Wolverton on uncomfy questions

All Things D’s Kara Swisher is referring to this passage in Troy Wolverton’s San Jose Mercury News column:

One of the joys of past D’s has been watching the powerful guests squirm under questioning from co-host Kara Swisher. Unfortunately, this year’s D was noticeably short on such uncomfortable moments. Instead, Swisher, co-host Walt Mossberg and the reporters in the audience left many uncomfortable questions unasked.

Apple (AAPL) CEO Tim Cook, for example, faced no questions about his grant last year of 1 million shares of stock, which is now worth more than half a billion dollars and helped give Cook the biggest paycheck of any CEO last year.

Cook also faced no questions about Apple’s elaborate efforts to dramatically lower its taxes. Last year, according to The New York Times, its effective tax rate was less than 10 percent.

* Tim Cook on Apple and Facebook (All Things D)