Struggling Poynter sells land to raise cash

The Tampa Tribune reports the Poynter Institute is “asking for handouts” and trying to sell land to raise money. The institute once received dividends — millions annually — from its newspaper, the Tampa Bay Times, but those checks are no longer being cut. The Tribune reports:

Poynter owns several vacant lots to the west and south of its campus, and rents out a nearby building. The Pinellas County Property Appraiser lists a dozen properties under Poynter’s ownership. Not counting Poynter’s own campus and parking, they’re together appraised at $2.5 million.

[Poynter president Karen] Dunlap met with real estate agents last week to finalize plans to market the properties.

The Tribune points out that Poynter’s Tampa Bay Times “often advocates for transparency in major institutions, yet the paper declines to provide details on operations, including revenue, profits, layoffs and annual contributions to Poynter.” (Disclosure: I worked for Poynter from 1999 to November, 2011.)

* Tampa Bay Times parent, Poynter, faces financial squeeze (Tampa Tribune)