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Robert Rainey

Robert Rainey was murdered in his chiropractic office on Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles last week. Robbery is believed to be the motive as his wallet was missing.

He was “a gentle man,” Los Angeles Times media reporter James Rainey writes in a tribute to his brother.

He didn’t pick fights or look for trouble. He had a kind heart. When he watched his nieces and nephews singing in school plays or playing soccer he had that wonderful, broad smile. More than you can say of most men in their 50s, he was something of an innocent—wanting to believe the best about the world and the people who live in it.

He deserved a much better, more humane end.

* Read the tribute on James Rainey’s Facebook page
* Slain chiropracter “wanted to believe the best about the world” (LAT)

Tim Sullivan, a U-T San Diego sports columnist since 2002, was let go on Friday. “They called me in at 3 o’clock … and I was gone by 3:02,” he writes on Twitter. “I was advised [Friday] that my services were no longer required. Simple as that.”

Longtime sports journalist Ed Sherman writes:

Naturally, members of our fraternity were shocked. Sullivan is among the most respected columnists in the business, and he more than made his mark during his 10 years in San Diego. Hard to see how this makes the U-T a better paper.

Tim Sullivan

Meanwhile, I’m told that U-T San Diego staffers received the hoax email below that said Sullivan was fired because “he was not on board” with the paper’s TV plans. (“Apparently it was just someone doing a plausible [CEO John] Lynch impersonation,” says my tipster.”)


U-T San Diego Colleagues,

As we prepare for the cable launch of Scott B.R. + Amber on U-T TV, I am excited to announce a new initiative for the U-T San Diego writer staff.

The writers will be required to write an essay about why a new Chargers Stadium would invigorate the community and improve America’s Finest City. We will select seven winners from the submissions and print one each day for a week on the front page of the newspaper. The winners also will read their essays on the air of Scott B.R + Amber.

These are exciting times for our company. If this initiative is successful we will launch another sponsored writer essay contest about what makes America great.

Papa Doug and I want all of us to be Patriots of this great nation and that is why we are promoting our great military writers Gretel Kovach and Jennifer Steele.

We all need to be on board. Some of you may have questions why the Sports Writer Tim Sullivan is no longer with the company. He was not on board.

It is time to look forward and not backward.


John T. Lynch
U-T San Diego

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