A new low for Fishbowl DC?

The Washington Post intern’s sins? “Rosie just introduced the CEO of the Washington Post to the staff of the Washington Post” in her newsroom-distributed bio, writes Betsy Rothstein. “She also spelled [Katharine] Graham’s name wrong.”

Rosie Powers

* Washington Post’s Rosie the Intern deserves a prize (Fishbowl DC)

The Post’s Gene Weingarten writes on Twitter: “They are piling on a kid for something she didn’t write for publication. …That’s low.”

Washington photographer Melissa Golden tells Weingarten: “But I bet she’s never going to misspell a name ever again. One can only hope this may transform her into an uber-journo.”

* Earlier: NYT “astonishingly and repeatedly” misspells Sulzberger, notes ombud

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(Chandrasekaran is a Washington Post senior correspondent and associate editor. Leonhardt is a Pulitzer-winning New York Times journalist.)