Chicago Reader: Now owned by a big daily, but still kicking ass

Ron Reason: “Of interest on the Reader’s cover this week: the first appearance of new parent Chicago Sun-Times’ logo, along with a new tagline, ‘Kicking Ass Since 1971,’ under the Reader nameplate.”

Reader editor Mara Shalhoup tells Romenesko readers how this came about:

I was sitting in art director Paul Higgins’s office trying to figure out how we could best add “A Chicago Sun-Times Publication” to the cover (as required by ABC, as a result of the recent sale). In the process, Paul suggested we change the tagline from “Chicago Reader | News, Culture & Food” to “Chicago’s Free Weekly | Established 1971.” I pushed him a little further, saying, “Why not ‘Kicking Ass Since 1971’?” He was sold.

* The newspaper cover as art gallery, and a new Reader tagline (
* May 23, 2012: Sun-Times owner buys Chicago Reader (Chicago Tribune)