LA’s Fox 11 falls for Aaron Paul meteorite prank

“Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul told Conan O’Brien this week about pulling a meteorite prank on his former roommate, and then being surprised to see it reported on Fox 11 in Los Angeles as a legitimate news story (“Mysterious object causes small crater”).

Paul told O’Brien:

My old roommate has the worst luck on the entire planet, and he’s convinced that 2012 is the end of the world, so I wanted him to believe that meteorites were slamming into our back yard. And I did just that, and he’s convinced. …

I went and bought some actual meteorites. I dug a giant crater in our back yard, filled it up with dry ice, covered it with dirt, and then put the meteorites in the middle of it, and then dumped a bunch of water on it. And then I set off a dry ice bomb.

The roommate heard and felt the explosion, ran outside in his boxers and saw the boiling crater.

Paul continues:

Then it actually made it on Fox 11 News. His girlfriend didn’t even tell him that she was taking the footage that she shot to the news. I was watching the Giants-49ers playoff game. It went a little late so they could only show two clips from the news and one of them was this. I start seeing my back yard with this gaint crater boiling — [I was] like, What the hell is that?

(Fox 11’s report news report starts at 2:51 in the above video.)

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