editor-in-chief defends story on MLB exec’s nephew

The Big Lead’s Jason McIntyre points out that the Mets’ 13th round draft pick “curiously was the subject of a lengthy feature” on and wondered if it’s because the young man, Matt Bowman, is the nephew of MLB Advanced Media CEO Bob Bowman? “In the story, there’s no mention of Bob,” notes McIntyre.

Matt Bowman

I asked for comment and here’s what editor-in-chief Dinn Mann tells Romenesko readers: “We had 217 articles on our site that day and this was just one. We had content about hundreds of draft picks. In this situation, we had a kid get drafted out of the Ivy League, the first Princeton player drafted by the Mets, and I found that compelling.”

He adds: “Bob [Bowman] knew nothing about the assignment. …There was no directive to the reporter to remove Bob’s name. I removed it. I didn’t see any connection with him being drafted.” Mann also said he didn’t want to give the impression that young Bowman was drafted because of his uncle’s MLB position and added that the so-called “lengthy” feature story was eight paragraphs long. (The piece needed at least a parenthetical disclosure, I think. There are a lot of sports-media critics out there, and should have expected this to go public.)

* It’s good to have family members in high places, media version (The Big Lead)