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People were surprised to see what conservative columnist Drew Johnson was tweeting to @tcpr (Tennessee Center for Policy Research) followers on Saturday after being named opinion editor of the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

—> “Edit page promotion brainstorm: Me & two buxom playmate types dressed as mermaids crash aquarium throw papers around & swim with dolphins,” read one tweet, supposedly from TCPR founder Johnson.

And then this one:

“Looking forward to working w/ @kateharrisontfp. Easy on the eyes. Now, @timesfreepress editors can’t bang photogs but what about reporters?”

You’d think the messages would set off b.s. detectors everywhere, but one Tennessee journalist apparently was convinced that Johnson was responsible for them and wrote: “Judging by his tweets, @tcpr may get fired before he writes his first @TimesFreePress op-ed. Completely out of line.”

Johnson, who also writes for Newsmax, learned of the hoax account on Saturday night and was forced to set up his own Twitter account to let people know he wasn’t @tcpr and to post his own opinions.

“@TCPR is not me. Please ignore any ridiculous things the impostor acct is saying,” he tweeted on Sunday.

The Times Free Press reports:

Johnson said he has some suspicions about who is behind the bogus account.

“When your job is to be a watchdog and tell the truth about politicians, you make a few enemies,” he Tweeted under his newly created account. He has contacted Twitter about getting the bogus account removed, but it may take a few days.

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* From 2008: Johnson fancies himself as a muckraking freedom fighter (Nashville Scene)

“Looks like The Oregonian swung a deal for some used San Francisco coin boxes,” tweets @scottstoddard:. (Link has a larger photo.)

Kingston (NY) Daily Freeman staffer Ivan Lajara wasn’t going to let the Poughkeepsie Journal get away with using his paper’s words.

Ivan Lajara

On Friday, he let his Twitter followers know that the Journal “ripped off” the Daily Freeman’s story about a proposed tuition hike. He also alerted the Journal — via Twitter — about the similar wording.

After failing to hear from the Journal, Lajara tweeted on Friday night: “@pokjournal exec editor was notified at 9:04 a.m. Main account ignoring all tweets all day long. Storifying. @romenesko next.”

He storified his tweets about the matter and also contacted me. Finally, the Journal addressed the matter.

Daily Freeman managing editor Tony Adamis writes on his blog:

On Saturday morning, [Journal executive editor] Stu [Shinske] called me and said he had not been made aware of the situation until late Friday. The tweets were not brought to his attention, he said, and he never received my email. He assured me he took the matter seriously and would get back to me after he had had a chance to fully investigate.

He called me back late Saturday afternoon, with his findings and what I can only characterize as a profuse apology.

Today’s Journal has an apology to the Daily Freeman and Journal readers. “We have taken this breach extremely seriously — it’s unacceptable,” writes editor Shinske. “We deeply value the trust readers place in us and we work every day to ensure we continue to earn that trust.”

* Content in Journal story duplicated passages elsewhere (Poughkeepsie Journal)
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