Daily Archives: June 11, 2012

* Dylan Ratigan is leaving MSNBC after three years. (
* U-T San Diego CEO tells David Carr: “We are very consistent — pro-conservative, pro-business, pro-military.” (New York Times)
* Howard Kurtz blasts New York Post for Newsweek slap. (Daily Beast)
* Politico says it’s hiring 20 more journalists to beef up its coverage of the economy and the military. (New York Times)
* Gannett buys one-man sports aggregator Quickish. (All Things D)
* New York Times shutters online learning venture Knowledge Network. (Inside Higher Ed)
* GigaOM tries something new: e-books. ( | I was interviewed for one of them. (Cut the Cord)
* To land a publisher, an author prints sample copies of his book for stores. (