Advisory panel wants Rebel Yell shut down until editor issue resolved

It was reported late last month that the student government at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas wants to pick the next editor of the student newspaper. Mark Ciavola, the 37-year-old president of the Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, said that student government puts money into the paper, so it should be able to decide who runs it. “The idea that we’re supposed to fund half the budget and they don’t want us appointing the editor-in-chief because of independence is laughable.”

THE LATEST:The Student Press Law Center reports the two sides are close to an agreement in the form of resolutions that will make the student newspaper financially independent of student government. Both sides hope to have the resolutions passed within 30 days.

The Rebel Yell Advisory Board wants to suspend publication of the newspaper until the matter is resolved, but the Rebel Yell staff wants to continue publishing. Acting editor-in-chief Ian Whitaker says suspending publication “will have a really bad effect on journalism at UNLV” and that “you don’t save journalism by cutting it out completely until you get exactly what you want.”

Whitaker adds: “I think it’s negative for journalism at UNLV, and it’s the exact opposite of trying to preserve it.”

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