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Marilyn Thompson, who joined Reuters Washington bureau as news editor in January, has been promoted to bureau chief. Here’s Reuters Americas editor Jim Gaines’ memo:

Sent: Monday, June 18, 2012 12:35 PM
Subject: A Message from Jim Gaines


At this critical moment in the U.S. capital and in our election coverage, I am pleased to announce that former Washington Post editor and veteran political journalist Marilyn Thompson is being named Washington Bureau Chief.

Marilyn Thompson

Mary Milliken, who stepped into the job last year after Washington had been without a bureau chief for months, worked effectively to stabilize the bureau: Under her watch Marilyn and several other leading Washington journalists joined our team. Mary has led the bureau through some of the most important stories of the past year, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, the serial drama of the euro zone and the U.S.’s own debt-ceiling struggle. She has several exciting opportunities at Reuters to weigh in coming weeks.
Marilyn Thompson joined Reuters Washington bureau as News Editor in January after a distinguished career that included 17 years at the Post, where she rose from reporter to senior editor, with detours as a reporter at The New York Times and as an editor at the Los Angeles Times. In her last job at the Post, Marilyn was Deputy National Editor running political and government coverage. Earlier, as Assistant Managing Editor for Investigations, she was part of teams that won two Pulitzer Prizes for Public Service. She is also the author or co-author of four books and spent two years as editor of the Lexington, Kentucky, Herald-Leader.

Marilyn’s appointment is effective immediately. She will be posting positions for her deputies and other members of her new team shortly.

Please join me in congratulating Marilyn on her new role and in thanking Mary for her successes in Washington as she contemplates her next challenge at Reuters.


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Eureka (Calif.) Times-Standard publisher David Kuta tells Romenesko readers that presses were stopped after someone noticed the “Fuck You” in a high school graduate’s glasses. He says about 6,000 to 7,000 copies of Saturday’s paper had the front-page obscenity, while 10,000 or so copies got to readers with the words blacked out.

Kuta says he’s received only one reader complaint and doesn’t plan to mention the matter in the paper unless it becomes a local controversy. “I think the best thing to do is let it drop.”

* The Times-Standard salutes the youth of today (Left Coast Outpost)

Glasses-wearer Jared West tells radio station KSLG: “I don’t wear glasses like that all the time, but I mean, I saw them in the store and you only graduate once, so I thought, Why not? and they match my gown and all.” || Listen to the interview with West

* Six media innovators are awarded more than $1.37 million in the Knight News Challenge. (Knight Foundation)
* Large daily (Pueblo Chieftain) and rural weekly (Johnstown Breeze) team up for “Mortal Kombat” killing investigation. (The Rural Blog)
* Old rule: Don’t pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel. New rule: Go ahead and do battle. (
* Respected Seattle news and commentary website is struggling to survive. (Seattle Weekly)
* KIRO-TV needs to apologize to a school custodian, says news council. (The Stranger)
* “Southern Living magazine is like Coca-Cola and Garden & Gun is like a good bourbon.” (

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Longtime Chicago Reader press critic Michael Miner writes: “The Reader was recently sold to Sun-Times Media, which means, if we don’t split hairs, that I’m working for the Sun-Times again. So when I slam the Tribune it’s no longer as a neutral observer. I’m now on the payroll of the Tribune’s opposition. If you tell me this doesn’t look good, I can’t disagree.”

* “I can bite the Tribune, but what about the hand that feeds me?” (Chicago Reader)

Odessa American interactive editor David A. Johnson writes: “One of our ad guys, Rocky Merritt, bought an ad on the front page [of Saturday’s paper] to propose to his fiance. There’s an online banner ad, too, but then you can’t cut that out and keep it in the scrapbook.”

By the way, she said yes. (The proposal ran on the bottom right of Page One.)

A memo to the Financial Times staff says Martin Dickson is replacing Gillian Tett as U.S. managing editor. Tett “is going on a short and long-planned book leave on September 1,” writes editor Lionel Barber. “Gillian will return to a top management and comment role in the New Year, and as an Assistant Editor will continue to write columns for the op-ed pages, magazine and newspaper.”

Barber’s memo is after the jump.
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The Romenesko reader who forwarded this image from “CBS This Morning” writes: “The typo is from DIRECTTV subtitles (not ‘closed captioning’).”

Warren Buffett: No secret sauce

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* At the RightOnline conference, Sarah Palin praises Matt Drudge for reporting stories that mainstream media don’t touch. (Las Vegas Review Journal)
* “No purely digital media product has kicked up anywhere near the profits that beleaguered traditional brands still do,” writes David Carr. “But smart minds will figure that out.” (New York Times)
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